Monday, 8 July 2013

What does cscart mobile commerce bring to us?

There is a frequently asked question: How many orders can I get once my mobile websites or apps have published? In other words, what is the conversion rate for mobile orders? It’s not difficult to answer this question. In fact, it depends on the product itself. Cheaper and more standardised products are easily to transact via mobile devices. In contrast, customers prefer to put the product to their favourite list when the customers think they need to consider it again. In this case, Kancart’s suggestion is that favourite list function should be paid attention while developing mobile websites or apps. PC terminal and mobile devices should be mixed and considered together. Since that, it will be a very good decision for the merchants if they want to mobilise laptop websites. Among those shopping websites, various shopping cart system are used widely. Cscart is one of the most popular systems. CS-Cart is a standalone web application for building and managing an ecommerce website of any size from a small web store to a virtual shopping mall with multiple departments and product suppliers. If your website’s shopping cart system is cscart mobile template, then Kancart absolutely provides you the best m-commerce solutions. It’s usually very confusing for merchants when they are developing m-commerce market. Is that really called m-commerce that consumers are shopping with them just on the smaller screen? The core concept of m-commerce obviously is not just that simple. The connection between online experiences and offline life at any time should be concerned by merchants seriously and that will change our life thoroughly. In the near future our shopping experiences will be like as below: 1. Offline medias and online medias are connected via your mobile devices; 2. Your mobile phones link between the real shop and online shops; 3. Change actual shopping experiences with mobile devices; Those experiences will be parts of our real life probably in just 2 or 3 years. The Kancart designed cscart mobile theme websites or apps surely will switch the dream to reality.

Cs-cart’s way to do mobile commerce

CS-Cart is a standalone web application for building and managing an ecommerce website of any size from a small web store to a virtual shopping mall with multiple departments and product suppliers. For most of Cs-cart merchants, it’s not an easy job to decide the ways of how to do mobile commerce development. Generally there are four ways to process that. The table below describes these ways clearly.
Cost Risk Time Advantage Disadvantage
Own Development Team Very High Medium Slow Fully under your control High cost, High risk,High complexity
Outsource High High Medium Lower costLower complexity Extremely high risk
Install Mobile Template Low Low Fast Low costLow complexity Mobile commerce is not just a template
Mobile Cloud Service Low Low Fast All cloud service advantage, keep your mobile site ahead of others A good mobile cloud service provide is not easy to find
The first way is to build up own development team. It’s easy to satisfy merchant’s requirements but has to endure long development cycle and usually not cheap. This would be a long term and large cost for you. The second way is outsourcing. Usually this way has the highest risks because merchants are hard to measure the quality of outsource team in advance. If the quality cannot be guaranteed, merchants will be in trouble when their mobile website or app is released to public. The third way is install cs-cart mobile template. It’s fast, cheap, but you need to ask one question:  Is mobile commerce just simply to put the PC screen layout into a smaller screen? The truth is the user scenario, device features of mobile is completely different, the key function and operating focus of your mobile site are also different with PC websites. You must be aware that, mobile commerce is by no means simply to help you change a mobile skin. It is a complete solution from product design to mobile marketing, mobile operations and data analysis. So what you need is a mobile commerce solution, not a mobile template. Mobile cloud service which provide an one stop solution for mobile commerce is the best. Special designed feature for mobile user scenario, mobile commerce operation task list, auto convert your pc web site. Provided that your shopping website is based on standard shopping cart program, then it will only cost you 10 minutes to finish the mobile web site conversion. But the question is how can merchants find those cloud service providers? Thanks to Kancart, it provides the best solution to above issues. It features various cs-cart mobile theme to choose and connect with your current system tightly. Furthermore, QR code, push message, location services and passbook are supported friendly by Kancart. Still confused with mobile website operation? No worries Kancart provided a series of solutions to help big or small merchants resolve the mobilisation issues. Since your website is based on magento shopping cart system, Kancart will bring you a brand new mobile website or app in a fast & easy way.

CS-Cart based mobile web site / app operation 1

CS-Cart is a standalone web application for building and managing an ecommerce website of any size from a small web store to a virtual shopping mall with multiple departments and product suppliers. Once the mobile websites and apps have been published, what else should merchants do after? It is known your traffic won’t have too much growing if the websites or apps are left alone without any operations. So what we need to do maintain mobile products in a good level? Before that, let us consider some possible entrances of mobile websites (see the picture below for reference). Mobile Commerce User Flow Entrance 1: This person is your old client. He is free today and just visits the website randomly. Thus the main page is the first visiting page. Entrance 2: Your mobile websites is found by users via search engine. When customers click the links into the website, they should see product details page or one category page. Entrance 3: Consumers visit your website by advertises links. The first page they are directed to should be product details page or one category page as well. Entrance 4: Consumers are connected to online website by image or location recognition, or QR code from offline world. They are directed to main page, or one category page, or product details page, or even shopping cart. In other words, directed pages are the following pages of entrance 1, 2, 3. In summary, typical mostly visited pages are main page, category pages and product details pages. The most important thing is to avoid high bounce rate. Among these three pages, main page is related to operation tightly than others. So the question is how to operate the main page? For a small-mid merchant, the elements in the home page include logo, shopping cart, searching, promotional pictures, recommended products, banner, category, and login info. All of pictures in the home page are very easy to draw customers’ attention so that they are very vital for merchants. Obviously that should be maintained frequently. Regarding the pictures in the home page, the click rate will decrease rapidly in the first two weeks. That’s because the users won’t find anything new from these pictures due to limited dimension. The chart below reveals the decreasing rate in eight weeks: Mobile Web Site Home Page Click Rate Derease According to that, in Kancart’s cscart mobile theme six pictures will be listed in the home page. In addition, the merchant has to change home page pictures frequently. For Kancart’ clients, these pictures on their websites are set to update automatically. The pictures will be displayed at the home page according to the time you set in advance. The aim is to keep the click rate in high level.

Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart

In today’s e-commerce field, a lot of shopping-cart systems are installed by various merchants. One of the most popular one is CS-Cart. CS-Cart is a standalone web application for building and managing an ecommerce website of any size from a small web store to a virtual shopping mall with multiple departments and product suppliers.. Regarding to CS-Cart, Kancart designed several useful features for its mobile commerce. In order to realise these features, the only thing need to do for merchants is cscart mobile theme plugin installation and publish Kancart native mobile commerce app. Some exclusive features designed by Kancart are listed below, to show how to mixture different sales channel such as TV, real shops, online shops and products catalogues magazine. The final purpose is to connect between offline physical world and online digital world. 1) Creative Coupon: Users need to open the coupon on the touch screen, which will give them fun to interface with you. Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart 2) Products Video Details: Customers can watch the product’s video that interests them. Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart 3) SNS: It will be convenience for customers to upload and share their photos, which is helpful to brand promotion. Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart 4) Products Comparison: The smaller screen is an obvious disadvantage for mobile devices. As a result, it is impossible to display several products together in one screen. Kancart’s solution is to compare only two products at one time. Users choose just one as their preference and continue to next turn until they are fully satisfied with the products. Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart 5) Dynamic products display: It’s always a dilemma for merchants to consider pictures first or words first when products are displayed to their customers. Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart 6) TV images recognition: The video is indexed in advance and capture some images per second while doing the same thing on the mobile device. The situation of advertisement recognition will be very clear after making a comparison with server side. All customers need to do after successful recognition is to open the product details page and put the product to shopping cart when a purchase decision is made. Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart 7) QR code recognition: Different QR codes reflect different customers’ actions. Merchants are able to pre-setup all following activities for their customers. When a QR code is scanned by a consumer, a following activity will be assigned to the consumer which depends on the code. The result is that consumer can get desired products easily with just scanning a QR code. Several operation steps have been omitted and more traffic will be converted to orders. image 8) Watch TV programmes on your smart phone: Just let the clients watch TV programmes easily at any time, any place. Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart 9) Real shops location service: Sometimes even the customers are basically satisfied with the products they viewed in the online shop however they still hope to try it before they decide to purchase. At this time the located service will be a useful one. Potential consumers will be attracted as many as possible, which definitely brings more orders. Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart 10) Notification Push: Kancart provided services to help merchants push notifications to iPhone and Android client terminal. But it is important to pay attention to junk notifications. If the customers always receive useless information from you, then your apps are threatened to be uninstalled. Kancart Mobile commerce solutions for CS-Cart Want to see more examples? Interested in the services Kancart provides? If you want to install cscart mobile template instantly, come to Kancart’s homepage to see more details and have your own mobile shop today in just one minute!

Convert your CS-Cart web site to mobile site

CS-Cart is a standalone web application for building and managing an ecommerce website of any size from a small web store to a virtual shopping mall with multiple departments and product suppliers. Now cs-cart shopping cart system has been widely used by merchants. In order to combine offline physical world and online virtual world, and attract more customer orders, it is very necessary for merchants to mobilise their laptop websites. However, choosing a nice mobilisation provider generally is not an easy job. Therefore, how can merchant select from various providers? Before we answer the question, let us consider the question below: Why mobile commerce? Statistics below may reveal the problem: 1) 6x transaction amounts; 2) Higher conversion rate; 3) 10% of total trading amounts increasing in 6 months only; If you desire the above things can happen in your mobile website, then Kancart can help you realise all. You just need to input your store url to start convert your CS-Cart web site to mobile site. image Now even many huge merchants such as DHGate, Lightinthebox, Dinodirect, Polishop and Everbuying have become Kancart’s customers. Kancart supported them to release either mobile websites or native apps for iOS or Android. More Kancart customers list can be visited here: Anybody is free to visit their mobile websites or apps to review Kancart’s products. At Kancart’s website there are various theme of Kancart’s cs-cart mobile theme for different kinds of merchants. So what is Kancart mobile commerce? For big merchants, Kancart helps them release own brand iOS, Android native app and cover other mobile device, etc: Nokia, Blackberry, windows phone by our mobile web cloud service. On the other hand, for small-mid merchants, their mobile users will be redirected to mobile site by our service, no need to download and install app.